I'm not really a unicorn, I just play one on TV.

OK, maybe not ... However, I am a digital hybrid with a focus on user-centred design, who's obsessive about good user experience. I'm pretty adept in all stages of the web development lifecycle, and have worked in government, corporate, educational and agency settings. Producer, project manager, button-pusher and cat-herder ... Yeah, that's me.


I use mixed research methods to confirm hypotheses about a problem and develop potential solutions. I have used several techniques, including analytics, surveys, remote user testing, interviews, observation, card sorts, prioritization and more.


I use research findings to inform user-centered interaction design, iterating and testing with real people early and often when possible. Information architecture, wireframes and prototypes are my core design skills.


I manage digital projects, sometimes do UI/theme development, and occasionally do both together. I bring solid organizational, time management and communication skills, focusing on user and business goals equally.

A Few Samples

Working in-house, I can't add portfolio content all that frequently, since there are many things I can't share. Below you'll find a few samples from the past several years which, I hope, demonstrate a cross-section of my skillset.